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ZERO stars. What kind of senseless child made this idiot shit? Certainly not me. Just wretched.

Style without substance

The animation is really nice and all, but the dialogue is just baffling. The joke is just painful... and the way it ends. What the fuck. I'm getting a little tired of seeing animators adding all these extra poses to their dialogue when it doesn't warrant it at all, and the poses are pretty much carbon copies of sight gags from Ren & Stimpy and other Spumko/John K. stuff. This strikes me as more of an animation exercise then an introduction to any kind of story or characters. Don't get me wrong, the animation is great, but it's just so vapid, and the dialogue is so frustrating.



Stamper responds:


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Are you kidding?!!

I pressed menu to see if I could get back to the store again, because I died on Day 9 three times and thought I needed upgrades.... fuckin resets the game?!?! What the hell is that?! It should bring up a menu with a button to quit, not just immediately quit the game and reset, I mean what the hell is that? Bad design. Boo.

And when you die it seems like it would make more sense to start back at the upgrade shop. Anyway cool game otherwise, pretty standard defense game but neat concept for the visuals.

This game is incredible.

I'm nerding out right now about how much I love this game.

I love this game. This game is excellent. The story is clever, the graphics are loveable, and the music is mindblowing.

The music is so good that it draws you through the game, it makes you want to keep going even though you've died 30 times the same way. The music is so good, it makes you want to buy the album for a buck, even though you're a broke college student and have barely enough money for food because you spent half your budget paying your apartment complex this ridiculous pet fee for your tiny orange cat.

This game is incredible. To me, this is everything games should be about: an extreme challenge administered with an artistry that is so fun and engaging that it motivates you to want to triumph over it.

I haven't even finished it yet.

This is probably among the five favorite flash games I have ever played, as geeky a statement as that is.

Play this game. If you have any kind of courage or wit in your heart of hearts, you will love it.

A girl just sat on my laptop WTH I gotta go.

Hey uhhh...

Not to be a dick or anything, but you probably shoulda got this out while the World Cup was still going on. Funny idea, real slick execution, but the concept is already kinda dated so it sort of collapses in on itself around that fault. It's not really topical any more, and it seems like that would be the biggest thing it has going for it.

RubberNinja responds:

That was the idea, but obligations kept us from doing so.

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Your good.

This is Lambchops spammin' your shit with a sweet Remix, Act like ya know, Cram they dicks in <3

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/217988

You win

This is excellent! Really good, voted five. Professional, dynamic, creative... just excellent man. Great job. Kind of reminded me of Cirque du Soleil actually, a little. Very very good. You obviously put a lot of care into this and it shows.


I like this a lot, but the voices are too Fruity Loops. If you could export the midi and bring it into something else and add a little complexity I could see this being a ridiculously good song.

In fact I'm kind of requesting that you do so. I like this a lot and I want to see it totally fleshed out.

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Reminds me of Shelob from LOTR.

Instant favorite

Awesome! Posted this on my tumblr http://leiigghh.tumblr.com

I've been wanting to draw or paint on something transparent for a while. I was thinking of buying a sheet of film (like acetate) but I never considered plexiglass. I guess regular glass would be too shatter prone.

I would have used something archival for the ink though... pretty sure sharpies aren't... not really sure what, maybe a paint marker? Sakura probably makes something. I know these would work but they don't come in very thick sizes: http://www.sakuraofamerica.com/Pen-permanent-ink

datamouth responds:

wow thanx for the post!

yeah i don't think sharpies are archival. i think sakura might make some india ink archival pens. i don't think paint markers are archival. they do make oil based markers though, those might work.

those sakura permanent pens are great for hard surfaces like plexi (but terrible on paper, cuz they bleed like crazy)

again thanx for the post! and thanx or the 10!

i've been a big fan of your hot dog painting btw

I love this

The concept here is so strong. I see the vindictive (ex)boyfriend, the jilted lover who loses his temper and makes some choice words. I've been that guy. Guys rarely see themselves in this role until they are so overcome with emotion that they become a monster. At best, it's a sign of immaturity. At worst it's verbal abuse. I don't think women should tolerate it, but some women will tolerate almost anything a guy does.

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